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chapter 1: the early days

In 1995, Indiana University students Heidi Schmidt and Kristin Huang were united by a common goal: to improve children's lives by encouraging education. Heidi and Kristin created a program model that matched the needs of first- through fourth-grade students with the talents and resources of college undergraduates like themselves.

chapter 2: up and running

After a year of planning, College Mentors for Kids opened its doors as an official nonprofit organization in 1996. Pilot programs at Indiana University and Butler University paired mentors with 30 kids in the fall of 1996. The following summer, College Mentors for Kids opened a headquarters office and established four new chapters. 

chapter 3: who we are

Today, College Mentors has 35 chapters at colleges and universities across Indiana, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Missouri, and Virginia. With roughly 2,700 college student volunteers, we're able to mentor over 2,500 kids. Our growth has been possible thanks to the unwavering support of dedicated staff members, board of directors, partners, our student volunteers, alumni and donors.