Learn How College Mentors Makes a Difference


We have a big goal. At College Mentors, we set out each day to transform the lives of children and college students through mentoring.


We are making a difference. Children in the program feel more confident about themselves. They are thinking about future careers and higher education while still in elementary school. And our college student mentors are developing a sense of purpose and love for engaging in their community.

The strides made at College Mentors last long after children have graduated from the program.


Our Mission: College Mentors for Kids works by connecting college students with the most to give to kids who need it most. We pair children one-­on-­one with a mentor and engage them in activities on a university campus where they discover the joy of learning and the power of mentoring. Encouraging Our Vision: for all school kids to look forward sooner and be able to give back later.

Future Plans

A principal from one of our partner elementary schools told us, “Our families had never thought that their children would go to college. One of the parents cried and said, ‘Now I believe college is a real possibility for my children.’”

We want all parents to feel this way and for all kids to know they can achieve their dreams. But we need you to help us grow, so that there is a College Mentors’ chapter in every state.