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Become a college student mentor

Take our survey to find out if you should be a mentor:

1. Do you enjoy working with kids?
2. Are you compassionate and wanting to give back to your community?
3. Are you a college student?
4. Does your school have a College Mentors for Kids chapter?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, apply to be a mentor today! If you answered “no” to question #4, then learn how you can start a new chapter.

As a mentor, you have a unique opportunity to be a role model for elementary students. With chapters at 33 colleges and universities across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona and Missouri we now have more than 2,300 college student volunteers.

Becoming a college mentor involves:

Working with elementary school students:
College Mentors is looking for enthusiastic individuals whose compassion, integrity and diverse perspectives will bring enrichment and inspiration to the lives of children. Children from a local elementary school will come to your campus once a week during the academic year for a two-hour activity. You will be matched one-on-one with a child (little buddy).

Not a college student? Learn about other volunteer opportunities.